Monday, October 1, 2007

What is a blog ?

What is a blog ?

What’s the best way to blog?

Why do you blog?

How many entries are too many?

How do I get readers?

At Bloggers Anonymous we get a lot of questions asked along those lines

This is part of a blog entry I wrote last year original post here

What is a Blog?

There are many definitions

“A Weblog or blog is a web-based publication of periodic articles
(posts), which in the case of Yahoo! 360, may contain written
material, links or photos” –Mister E

“An online journal or diary”- unwriter

But of course I like mine

A blog is a place where you can write about what ever you want, put pictures of your grandkids tell others what you are doing share your thoughts on the news, the weather, basically whatever you feel the need to share with others

The word Blog is biography shortened it’s YOUR story written by you

We all in some way sometime or another feel the need to write what we are feeling about something whether we agree with it, disagree or we just want to tell others about something we have found, the blog is the new publication the new age diary, remember the diary written by the young Jewish girl trapped in the cellar in Nazi Germany?

A Blog is the same thing, she had pencil and paper we have a computer keyboard.

Maybe or maybe not your story might get seen by hundreds of people and like her you won’t get any rewards (Anne Frank never saw her words in print, her diary found after the holocaust) but like her you write for your sake not for the future enjoyment of others you can rant and rave all you want because it is your Blog your space your diary and even if some might get offended by what you write it is your little bit to do with what you want (within Yahoo guidelines of course)

Obviously the intimate details of your sex life or your fantasy sex life will offend some people and does go against Yahoo’s Terms of Service so I would keep that to your self you can still write about it, you can write about anything you want on your own computer on Word, send it into a magazine like Cosmo or another publication

You never know they might even pay you

So that’s my answer on what is a blog and as some of you have done your 12 steps, not all but hey that doesn’t matter it’s not like we are giving out grades or anything

I’ll ask you a question

Why do you blog?

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