Monday, November 13, 2006

Get a Blog then by Goochie .. November 13, 2006

This comes to you courtesy of Goochie

I think I’ve blogged it

Crikey did you know that every blog has its day because Bloggers give blog I know a Bloggers nightmare what about give me a blog then I did a big blog this morning? Blog off will you .. well get off my blog

Love me love my blog, oh so you are all blogged out

Where the blogging blog am I ? you got a cute blog take me for a ride on your blog oh blog off and get a blog well I got a blog want to stick it in your blog? You are pretty blogged about it I can tell , Have you ever sat on a blog and thought about your blog all day you think I am blogged in the head don’t you and spend my day blogging off taking advantage of my blog and I am a naughty blog but I am a wicked blog sometimes

Stop it then or I am going to tell my blog on you, you bad blog

Oh go on blog off to your blog then and start blogging

Go get a blog into you then

Thursday, November 9, 2006

More Blogger Bears .. November 09, 2006

Meet the rest of the Blogger Bears

Kathy Bear


Conant the biker bear


Flower Bear


Rala Bear

Aren't they just the cutest?
Spose you will all want to be bears now huh?

Update: Mr Conants isn't him, whoopsie that will teach me to go looking for pics on peoples Y photo's when they ask to be bearsImage

Sunday, November 5, 2006

Story of the Five Bears and Two Goldilocks..November 7, 2006

Story of the Five Bears and Two Goldilocks
Story of the Five Bears and Two Goldilocks magnify

Once upon a time far away in cyber land there was a village named blog. There was a good little blogger named Dana. Another blogger named Missy, aka Candy, aka, Missy Moo, aka Missy Stick Figure, aka etc., etc., etc. decided Dana would make an adorable mascot for Bloggers Anonymous so she dressed her up in a little bear suit, holding a bowl with the BA symbol on it.

A third blogger named Red laughed so hard at the little mascot she had to invest heavily in depends stock. She just could picture the little bear hovering over her keyboard typing with those stubby bear fingers giggling under her breath. The little mascot chased Red all over the yahoo 360 playground and Red ran fast because when she saw the bowl in Dana Bears hands she thought the little bear was a cereal killer. (insert giggle here) Red ran and ran until Dana Bear yelled for her to stop, that it was only a bowl to feed da hungry bloggers.

It wasn't but a couple of hours later that Missy Sticky Candy Moo had put Red in her very own little pink bear suit. Red liked it because it had gotten very cold where she lived and the suit was very warm. It was also pink, her favorite color. They all went to bed happy because they had laughed themselves silly.


The next day Red Bear in pink got up and checked her mail and laughed some more to see a Missy Ewok in her mailbox. Dana Bear tacked a note to the picture saying two can play this game muahahahaha! (Well, she didn't say the muahahaha, but I took literary liscense because it made the story better.) An Ewok is kind of like a bear.


Missy Ewok and Red Bear in pink had the simultaneous thought***"Who's going to be Goldilocks?"*** Missy Ewok had already had an idea and had started a dress for PureVizhun as Goldilocks. Red Bear in pink thought of hyiidra who has those beautiful long golden locks and was working so hard now that she bare-ly had time to blog and Red Bear in pink missed her terribly and thought maybe she could be there in spirit. Hence Blondii Goldiilocks.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Ok, now where did that other goldilocks run off too?

Missy Ewok, while skipping through the woods one day stumbled upon Mister E. shivering in the dark woods from the cold. She took him back to her cyber land home in blog and put him in a cozy yellow bear suit. That is the day he became The Mister E Yellow Bear. No one is quite sure who he is but the bears and the goldilocks and all of 360 liked him immediately.


In the meantime number 1 Goldilocks aka Pure Goldilocks, known throughout the land for her artistic skills had gone to a wedding in another land where she toasted too much and came home toasted. That goldilocks!, always getting to the porridge or one thing or another, making mischief. She didn't skip home but got there all the same safe and sound. She was inspired to make more mischief and proceeded to take Missy, Red and Dana out of their bear suits and make them bare, literally. She named her creation The Three Graces of Yahoo 360 (blush, blush) Missy was embarrassed and tried to cover the other two up.


During Pure's Inspirational period Red had decided to bug her friend Slim a little. Red liked to do that on game day. She decided since Slim had been largely absent from blog land due to Real Life, she needed a bear suit too. So then there were 5 little bears, the last being Slim Bear.


In the meantime Pure Goldilocks, was working in her little paint shop reinventing Missy, Dana, Red, and herself into the fantastic four once again. Goldilocks and the three bears. So the story has come full circle and it is time for all the Little Bears and Goldilocks to bid you good night.

All pictures used with permission
Well, all except hyiidra's
she was awol

Our Mascot .. November 05, 2006

Introducing the Bloggers Anon mascot

Isn't she just the cutest ? Our mascot (who is nameless at the moment) well she does have a name but the mascot doesn't

Mascots like to lurk blogs and mass comment they also write pretty well too which is rather difficult with cute little paws like that
The currently nameless mascot likes to run around saying "this one time at blog camp" a lot

So tonight/this morning whatever time it is .
Two things for you

Name the mascot
finish this sentance ---- > this one time at blog camp .....
(1 rule no naughty stuff I know that makes it difficult but hey this is a PG blog you know)

I'll start
Mascot name- Da bear
This one time at blog camp I got a 7 key from my keyboard stuck on my forehead because I fell asleep at the computer

Saturday, November 4, 2006

Bloggers Anonymous ..November 04, 2006

Bloggers Anonymous

Have YOU joined yet?

Since starting the BA group in July the group now has 200 members and the BA blog itself has 140 friends

Its getting there I tell you, of course if someone joins the group and their 360° page cannot be found at all or they are very new and they haven’t posted a single blog yet. BA isn’t for them and I’ll send them off to 360° friends or 360° forum even one of the other 360° groups.

The BA group will accept lurkers but not spammers (those who join groups to collect email addresses) or those who join just to collect contacts
BA isn’t a dating service either.
That’s why there isn’t many in the BA group

Why is the Bloggers Anonymous 360° page doing better than the group …why?? Because people in Bloggers Anonymous are 360° addicts that’s why!
That’s why there aren’t many emails go through Bloggers Anonymous either. It’s a very low email group

The Bloggers Anonymous spiel

360 Bloggers anonymous

When not on 360° do you find yourself thinking about it?

Do you find yourself blogging and surfing on 360° for more than 3 hours?

Has anyone commented (on 360° and off-line) that you blog on 360° too much?

Then it’s time to be honest. You have a 360° addiction

This group is for the 360° addicts who don’t need any more friends, don’t need help, just get very itchy and twitchy when away from 360

Now you may think 200 members isn’t that many but those are power Bloggers that’s why the group mail isn’t high maybe 2-3 a week because they are too busy on 360° too email in the group

We have a couple of files set up in the group MYK’s Challenge try that challenge if you haven’t already

How to post your URL

And of course your Bloggers Anonymous T-shirt can be picked up from here (join the group get a free shirt)

Go on join in the fun the BA group isn’t really anonymous you don’t need to hide … we will find you anyway and hunt you down if you don’t (well not really but we might)

Missy A (owner/founder/moderator)

Red7 (moderator)

Dana (what exactly do you do Dana?)

The Bloggers Anon 360° page

Right that’s the Bloggers Anon group down, now for here this 360° page

I was going to put “rules of this blog” but we don’t like rules this is more of an announcement

This 360° page will accept anyone who has a blog posted but no blog, no profile no accept, stick this page in your favorites for a while till you get the hang of blogging if you are new, then ask again later.

The BA blog don’t like fwd, fwd 360° mail either but the 360° mail has to remain open here so if you sent to all and this blog received 20 of the same 360° mail from your friends and it originated from you well you may just be put on 360° Ignore. It doesn’t stop you commenting but it does stop this page getting loads of fwd, fwd messages in the mailbox

Oh and if you get a comment from this blog it means I am here (well someone is anyway) We don’t have time to come and comment on everyone’s blog and we probably have done from our own at any rate but we do like to get out occasionally and quickie coz there’s nothing like a quickie to start your day

Bloggers Anon likes to travel too so today it’s in Australia tomorrow well you just never know

The Bloggers Anon blog don’t mind if you have it in favorites either but there are plenty of spaces left, if you have this blog in favorites send that add request in (press the green + under the picture) get your friends too as well, we don’t bite well we might gnaw you a bit but we don’t bite

Oh the blogboard on the profile here that was designed by Pickles and others, all their names are on the top.

I’m looking into a new Theme for here actually, had this one a while but don’t want too loose the board

Got any ideas for this blog? A new theme or even blog ideas send them in to

Oh that’s a long post for here isn’t it whoopsie, hope you didn’t get bored reading all of that I did type slow for those of you who only read slow