Monday, August 27, 2007

Party Time!! .... August 27, 2007

Party time!

Its Bloggers anonymous 1st birthday

Time for a party

We were going to send out invites saying bring a plate but we don't need any more plates
7_Plate.jpg image by missy_angel66
So come with a smile monkey_smile.jpg image by missy_angel66

Don't forget a chair Sports_Chair2.jpg image by missy_angel66

There will be plenty of jello_shots.jpg image by missy_angel66 and helios-rum-dark-rum-15-nen-792832.jpg image by missy_angel66

and non alcoholic drinks for those who don't drink orange_juice.jpg image by missy_angel66

and plenty of food couscous.jpg image by missy_angel66carrotcake.jpg image by missy_angel66RoastedRosemaryPotatoSalad.jpg image by missy_angel66pho_ice_cream_sundae.jpg image by missy_angel66donuts4.jpg image by missy_angel66BA_chinease.jpg image by missy_angel66donuts6.jpg image by missy_angel66 even cake pc_cake.jpg image by missy_angel66

If you want to BYO you can but I think we have that covered TrueAussieEsky.jpg picture by missy_angel66

Our mascots will even greet you at the door

teddycostsmdana.jpg image by missy_angel66 snowbunnypink.jpg image by missy_angel66

with a free hat ba_hat.jpg image by missy_angel66 as you can't have a party without a hat,
get here on your bikeon_bike2.jpg image by missy_angel66 or on a bus Bus.jpg image by missy_angel66
you can even bring Chuck grand-master-chuck-norris-bn.jpg chuck image by missy_angel66

no lurking in the kitchen allowed kitchen_beast.jpg image by missy_angel66

this is a party so lets all get up and dance stickman.gif image by missy_angel66

Party Time!!

yes some of the peeps who help out with BA are on this post

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

So much choice we can't choose .. August 07, 2007

Last post we asked for suggestions for topics and challenges “Ideas for Bloggers Anonymous “

Here are 10 of your suggestions

  1. How about a word game, where you post a word, then the next person posts a word connected to yours, and so forth.
  1. I like to post a question...say like "Your scariest moment", "Embarrassing moment, etc. and have people leave me their comments. Then the next day, I post it in a blog. Names withheld of course..
  1. How about a weekly writing challenge? Maybe post a blog of theme ideas and let members vote on the themes.
  1. How about someone starting a line for a story, then each proceeding comment would add to the story or poem.
  1. Always like having a meet & greet.
  1. Recently saw a blog I thought was cool. Each Wednesday the blogger posts a topic for Friday and each blogger interprets it in the form of a photo and a blog. Blue was this weeks - it is amazing how many ways people can look at "blue"
  1. We could play the True/False game! Maija had it on her page awhile back and we all had a blast! Here's the link!
  1. Was going to suggest word association but someone beat me too it so.... how about 1st memories or something like that?
  1. Like the idea of going to the person on top of your comment page, first thing in the morning, click on, go to that blog, leave a comment. Click on the top of their page, go to the top comment on their page and visit with a comment. Must tell you that you may have to give up before you run out of blogs. But it’s good to leave a smile or a hug....
  1. Posted a "MENT" game on my page, try to check this one if it is possible to be posted here, thanks...

So now the fun part …which one?

Think we will do a poll to choose because we can’t , in the meantime feel free to do any of the suggestions above on your own blog.

umm those are sopposed to have different numbers and they all came up as 1 whoops