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I can't spell and you lot aren't blogging enough..seriously
Got Bloggers Anonymous there with 109 members and NO blog links
Seriuosly Bloggers Anonymous is the only group of its kind on Multiply .. its the only alive group of its kind anywhere actually there are only 389 members left in the Y group, and its dead now (was 420 and 3-4 posts every day) so we wait YOU gotta keep blogging
or am I here?
Seriousky !
I know this time of year its difficult ..I'm typing this at 2am but look guys I can't do it all myself I want cheezes on there, I want blog links posted
What do I gotta do run some half assed competition or ask what folks did in the summer holidays...arrgh no thanks
You gotta get over there and start posting on BA

Friday, November 9, 2007

Monday, October 22, 2007

360 Refugees are Welcome

We were such dedicated citizens of Y! 360.
We stood behind them all the way. joining groups in support of them.
We made T shirts proclaiming our addiction to them. sometimes we even had to make little clinics to try and get away from 360. Like rehab...sadly it never worked.
i managed to escape 360 for some time and moved to Blogger. I lasted for a while but 360 would shine in the distance.
So I slowly would sneak back more and more just to see what people were up to.
I would comment here and there. One day I found myself doing a challenge.
Pretty soon, I was blogging full force ahead at the speed of light again.
Then I realized I loved it again.
Then...the inevitable happened.
The 360 product blog pretty much said..."Um thanks but no thanks...we don't care about you bloggers...and you're little groups too!" *evil laugh*
So I took refuge in blogger, well actually I was already here.
But now that my favorite group is also here, I would like to take the time to introduce Bloggers Anon to any new potential members from blogspot or welcome any refugees from 360.
Bloggers Anon is a place where we get together, drink coffe, eat whatever anyone made and talk about our favorite pasttime blogging. If anyone reads this just introduce yourself please?
I will start "My name is Dana, I blog."
*takes sip of coffee*
"I started my blogspot because of drama on 360. Then I went back to 360 because of friends. B-b-b-but 360 don't want me anymore!"
*Anyway, I will be over here in the corner...please carry on..."
*crawls in tent*

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bloggers Anonymous

Bloggers Anonymous

When not on 360 do you find yourself thinking about it?

Do you find yourself blogging and surfing on 360 for more than 3 hours?

Has anyone commented (on 360 and off-line) that you blog on 360 too much?

Then it’s time to be honest. You have a 360 addiction

This group is for the 360 addicts who dont need any more friends, dont need help, just get very itchy and twitchy when away from 360

Thanks go too Hyiidra, Red7 and Eddo
who gave both the ideas and the inspiration to form this group

What Bloggers Anonymous does

Bloggers Anon is here for fun, too help people out with post ideas, getting a picture for your avatar,
getting you involved in 360º, helping you with Bloggers block, getting you too laugh and enjoy life on 360º

If you need help with your Blogging Addiction you are in the right place
Bloggers Anonymous the 360º page and Bloggers Anonymous the group
Bloggers Anonymous isn’t here to get you too give up Blogging it’s here too help you enjoy it more .
The group and the 360º page are Bloggers Anonymous

What Bloggers Anon does not do.

Bloggers Anonymous does not do technical help for 360º, help you with a theme

or help you collect friends

There are plenty of other groups that will help you with those things click here for more

and if you know of any more say so Bloggers Anon will join them

as Bloggers Anon likes too join the other 360º help groups,

it helps them get more members and advertises their groups.

Bloggers Anon joining the other groups also helps members of Bloggers anon too

those groups can help you where we can’t they have files and archives just for technical help and themes.

BA has files on Blogging addiction and addict T-shirts

Bloggers Anonymous is a stand alone group it’s not like any other 360º group .

Most of our members both in the group and on the 360º page are long time residents of 360º

The 05’ers, been using 360º so long it’s imprinted in their brains .

True addicts that don’t need friends, help or themes

Even though we can help you out with technical information on how too use your page we don’t because that not what Bloggers Anonymous does, technical help isn’t fun at all

We would rather be Blogging

The group and the Yahoo 360 page basically are a little joke we don't take things seriously here at Bloggers Anonymous because we aren't serious, people we aren't that serious .

Remember the Bloggers Anonymous motto
No Drama, No B/S just FUN!

Changes....October 09, 2007

Changes....October 09, 2007
What is blogging anyway?
If you blog you blog, doesn't matter if you blog on 360 or Blogger or even MySpace
A blog is a blog and if you have a blogging addiction you have a blogging addiction!

See we have a little problem here on Bloggers Anonymous our group membership is falling due to members leaving 360 and Yahoo.
The Blogger version of Bloggers Anonymous hasn't been updated for years and the other blogging addiction groups on other formats are not being updated either ours is the only blogging addiction group that has any life in it at all.

So to keep Bloggers Anonymous alive the group will now be open to all bloggers from anywhere !

Join Bloggers Anonymous the Y Group

Join our Forum

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bloggers on Blogging - Main

Bloggers Anonymous is currently running a “Bloggers on Blogging” blog and I’m putting them here on Bloggers Anonymous as they come in that way anyone can have the chance to write something.

You can email yours to Bloggers Anonymous or do one yourself on your own blog and leave a link here on the Bloggers Anonymous Forum page or on the Bloggers Anonymous 360° page
All submissions must be written by people with a Yahoo 360° page or blog on another site and can be anonymous

Bloggers on Blogging - Ondo Lady and Eddo

Ondo Lady writes on Blogging for The New Black Magazine

This Blogging Life

April 24, 2007.

Like it or not blogging is a social networking phenomenal and a powerful tool that big players such as global companies, the media and even MPs are beginning to acknowledge.

Blogging is a form of social networking where like minded people can share their lives, thoughts and ideas as well as promoting themselves online. Just as every thriving business has a website you will be hard pressed to find an artist, company or general Joes Bloggs who does not have a blog.

In a way we all have MySpace to blame for that, the Cinderella story of artists hitting the big time through blogging and social-networking are now common folklore.

Today blogging is so ingrained in society that it now has numerous awards contests. One of the largest is the Weblog Awards and there is also the Bloggers Choice Awards but the new kid on the block is Best of the Brit Blog Awards 07 (The BOBBs). This new award is organised by freebie paper, The Metro and cool lifestyle website, with the aim of finding Britain's Best Blog. Celebrities such as England cricketer, Alastair Cook and TV presenter, Jason Bradbury along with the public have selected from categories such as arts, entertainment, travel and fashion and the winner will be announced shortly.

Blogging is basically an online diary where people post their thoughts, rants and ideas but what is so exciting is that you can upload photos, audio (podcasting) and video (vlogs) The interactive elements allow people to leave comments on your page and create links to other sites.

It is amazing to think that the first blog was created in 1994 just after the internet was started and today a blog is created every second and there are over 60 million blogs worldwide. The launch of blog hosts such as Facebook, TypePad, LiveJournal, Yahoo 360 and the infamous MySpace make is very simple for users to create a blog.

So what is the fascination with blogging, why do people do it and where do they get their ideas from? We spoke to four prolific bloggers to find out what inspired them to blog.

Eddie, the Birdman, aged 31 is an Administrator who lives in New York City.

I started blogging in August of 2005, but I didn't start to take it seriously until December of that same year when many readers started taking notice and interest. Thereafter it snowballed into what you see today. I started because I wanted to chronicle my life in New York City. After what happened in 9/11, the city went through dramatic changes and I wanted to be so much a part of that change.

These are exciting times but by all means, I wanted to practise my writings. Blogging was also my way of letting out the creative energies I possessed. I was an art major in college and I no longer pursued that career. Blogging has allowed me to be an artist. At one point, I cranked out a blog every night or every morning. It became an obsession that needed real management. Now, I blog mostly during the weekdays. It's like a career, isn't it?

I chose Yahoo 360 because it was simply easy to compose and write unlike Live Journal which is more a publishing site. I have a LiveJournal in case 360 goes 'ka-blewey!' Nothing lasts forever, you know. I get most of my ideas from real experiences. I explore NYC as much as I can and I carry a camera phone which helps illustrate my findings.

People are naturally drawn to those blogs, but it’s my thoughts they really want to read. At least from what I see in the comments and hits I receive. I do draw much of my inspiration from other bloggers, magazines, pictures, news, and interests such as fashion, art, films, books, and music. Pop culture and celebrity writing is also a popular blog topic. I try to keep things original and funny

Bloggers on Blogging -- Webby

Webby writes on Blogging

From late 1996 I've been online. In approximately ten years I've seen various occurrences come and go. In the beginning it was the web chat. I think we were just so happy just over the fact that we were connected so it was like growing up together.

Along came the instant messengers..first it was ICQ then Yahoo and MSN Messengers and so on. There were, still are, GROUPS...various interest groups..they are still alive, email will always be alive of course.

The first blog site I ever laid eyes on was LiveJournal and that was probably 1998. I was (am) always curious about everything new when it came to the internet -- tried to keep myself abreast of what was going on in many fields but that has become too overwhelming now. Anyways, I signed up for LiveJournal and that was my first blog.

I wrote for a a personal diary and nothing much came out of that. At this stage of my internet experience I had not yet gotten the sense of social networking or what it was all about, really.

Next thing I came across was I did the same thing there and then I paid a little more attention to it when Google bought Blogger. It was actually thanks to Blogger I came got my first Gmail account.

Still I had not gotten the hang of it. I wrote and I wrote without anybody noticing that.

I'd been signed up for, first Geocities, later Yahoo...kept my email accounts in Yahoo, kept track of what new stuff they were bringing out all the time so when I read about Y360°, of course I was curious.

I registered for a Y360 page, looked around a little...saw that I could make my own HTML-coding etc... nothing much different from the other blog sites I'd been using. For some reason (that I cannot really remember), I joined a Yahoo group called Y-360 help group, got three friends on my Y360 list and I still remember when I got the first comment!

That had never happened with any of the other blog sites I mentioned and it made all the difference. Someone was actually reading my little posts. My friends list grew immensely for a while there, even though I tried to be careful about who to add and who not.

My blog never had a theme...I never had to limit myself to any certain subject...I just kept journaling about my new life in Canada, my old life back home in Sweden, our cat, ducks, raccoons or just whatever that happened to be on my mind.

One of my newly won friends in Y360 introduced me to a graphics editor named Paint Shop Pro...a programme that had been sitting on my computer for ages but I never understood how to use. Suddenly I got the hang of that and a new world opened! I learned new things about myself, that I have a love for shapes and colours that I had no idea of before.

During these two years I've been blogging on Y360° I've sometimes wondered if this was just another thing that would fade away just like for example the early web chat. I don't know, but I don't think so.

When you consider the amount of users in all the various blog sites..MySpace, Blogger, TypePad, name it... I just don't think it will go away. Social networking has become too big...much bigger than I honestly think Yahoo was aware of when they started Y360°. They had a really good thing going...a place where you actually got a sense of community, but I think it needs a lot of work to live up to the others.

I sometimes have this feeling that they don't really know where they're which direction, so to speak, and I sometimes wonder whether they're going to keep up Y360° at all. I'm no expert on the subject...absolutely not...but I don't have any real sense of integration between the Yahoo services.

Bloggers on Blogging -Sheldon

Sheldon writes ...

I hope this fill the requirement for a tip, although it's a no brainer for most: When getting ready to post a blog, do the texting and formatting in Word, copy and paste to the "blog entry" section of your 360 page, and there you have it!! This has helped me tremendously in the past as Yahoo 360 has a tendency to eat posts, and at the worst possible time.

Bloggers on Blogging - - Anonymous

Anonymous writes ..
Ok you have a blank page
So write something on it you twit don’t just sit there like a moron wondering what the bumpy thing with letters on it in front of you is.
You press down on the bumps and each bump is a letter press enough letters you get words those words form sentences and those sentences are read by others.

That’s called typing when you press down on the thing called a keyboard, it doesn’t matter how slow you form those words either I’m typing this slow because I know you don’t read fast

One handed or both, two fingers or all 10 or 9 however many you have, you sit there in the computer chair and type what ever comes into your head in that compose entry box or on Word it doesn’t matter as long as you do obviously if you type it somewhere other than the compose entry box and you don’t post it no one will read it, so don’t forget you have to actually post it

Type anything an essay a story what you had for dinner in that compose entry box and post it so people can read that’s right you have the hang of it now.

Sometimes you will get answers back on something you have typed someone else who can type a few words like you reads what you wrote and they type what is called a comment, you know how to comment don’t you? You don’t? It’s the same as you typing something on that bumpy thing called a keyboard use the same thing only on someone else’s page first you read what the other person has typed and you use your bumpy thing to type back you can type as much as you want sometimes depending on where you are typing it you can put a smiley face as well, even a picture but we aren’t talking about those at the moment we are talking typing out some words not just one word like pop or first as that’s just a little bit silly unless of course the post you are commenting on wants you to type one word sometimes they do you know.

Of course if you get a comment it is nice to answer that comment you can type they can as well which means you can “speak” to each other, you don’t have to but it is nice if you ask a question to get an answer isn’t it so make sure you do the same for others
Have you got it now?

Bloggers on Blogging -- Wazzywooze

Wazzywooze writes..


As I wend my way around blogland meeting and greeting, there are times when I just can't find the right thing to say. I read some blogs and they are great, some are happy, some are sad. Some are funny, some are cute. It is so hard to find something original to say and not sound trite. Should I say nothing rather than just words for the sake of commenting? Should I leave just a smile or a hug. Ronan keating has a song that goes: You say it best when you say nothing at all. If I go away without leaving a comment will you think I didn't visit and didn't care? What do you think? I leave you with this:
"A word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver," and, "An anxious heart weighs a man down, but a kind word cheers him up" (Proverbs 12:25; 25:11, NIV).
One of my favorite songs sung by the Bee Gees a number of years ago went something like this: "It's only words and words are all I have to take your heart away."
Words can be a force far beyond their weight, and can have an impact far beyond their immediate reach. With words we can make people laugh—or cry; respond positively—or negatively; draw people closer to us—or drive them away. With words we can inspire people to noble acts of kindness or, if we are so inclined, to evil deeds of wickedness.
Never forget the impact your words can have on those you love the most and those who are closest to you—and even on strangers.
"An anxious heart weighs a man down, but a kind word cheers him up,"
Words spoken may soon pass away
and forgotten be,
but when spoken in love and kindness
are like beautiful flowers,
and even though they fade and die
from conscious memory,
their fragrance lives on
embedded in the deeper mind-

Bloggers on Blogging- Susan

Susan O writes...
I always like to leave a comment. Sometimes I go back and leave several if I have been gone because I like to receive them. I also like the comments section and re-comments. Sometimes the most interesting conversations go on there. Mostly in 360 I have seen this. I think a smiley is just as good. But I don't always expect a comment on all my posts. That would just be silly. Everyone has a life outside of their blogs and I know a lot of people are busy. I have been looking at other blogging sites. Did you know Imeem has blogging? The thing I like about 360 is that I have always used the mail so 360 is open and ready to go when I sign into yahoo. It seems like it is also a better arena for commenting and blog hopping. I don't see that on many other sites.

Bloggers on Blogging -- Alternative Bee

Alternative-be writes..
Well, I'm a keen blogger most of the times, but... Sometimes I'm so concentrated on my own blog that I forget reading and commenting on friends's blogs...
My advise: don't only blog but also comment on other people's blogs. In that way you can interact and keep your friends...

Bloggers on Blogging --Barb

"Barb ~ Єpiѕtling ŊutΩpian" writes...

To blog or not to blog, that is the question each of ask ourselves every day when we power up the PC or lap-top. Did anything out of the ordinary happen in the last 24 hours that must be addressed, dissected and pontificated about in long verbose sentences that sound like poetry to us, maybe even funny in spots, deep and penetrating, thoughtful and insightful or so ground breaking in it's magnitude that some hoity-toity person "out" there will read it and decide that it is worthy of a golden comment? See how long that sentence was. Haha - are you as out of breath as I am?

OKAY - you decide to blog, of course. What else gives your existence meaning and purpose? Yeah, yeah, blogging may be on your top 10 and let's not go overboard. After all it's just a bunch of words about topics that have collided with your gray matter in a way to make the zinging neurons light up, giving you that jolt of inspiration which results in your daily blog.

WOW - another long sentence. I’m on a roll!

You may decide that just rushing into the daily rant is too precipitous and so you make the rounds of your favorite blogs, you know, the ones that always have some clever bit to add or not but seem to elicit 15 comments before 10am. You may ponder that a bit and think about adding a comment too, but if that person has 15 comments already, why would they give a rat's ass what you have to add. Moving on to a blogger who needs my comments and appreciates the depth with which I compose my concise retort. Jam on the pillow case, nope - ants in the kids cereal, nope - consumer report about a new sex toy, nope - dealing with head lice in a 7 yr. old, nope - and by this time you are getting hungry. Time to get some toast and that much needed cuppa whatever or cold bottle of whatever before you faint dead away. Listen to the news, watch a lil'daytime TV, maybe something there will inspire you to blog smart.

OKAY again, you come up with a topic and decide it is worthy of at the very least 6 good long winded comments. (You hope) - Next step is to open your blog word document, you know the one you have on desktop so you can just bring it up and start typing like a mad fool. Oh, you say, you don't have such a word document that is easily accessible to you, for your daily preblog ritual so just in case Yahoo decides that your blog is going to be sucked in that yahoo vortex, you have it neatly saved. (haha - I'm smarter than the average bear) Anyway, that is usually what most of us have learned about 360° . Have your blog backed up just in case you spend an hour typing, searching, inserting, formatting, HTMLing and Yeehoo balks at loading it.

Ditto - You get that all done and now you need a graphic or photo to match your blog. The hunt is on or you may have a graphic in mind already and it is easy to pin down. Where do most of actually get the graphics we use? A lot of us have scads of personal photos that fit right into the sort of blog we plan. We may even be blogging about the photos we take. Then there are the topics that goad us to find jus the right picture, drawing, cartoon or clip-art to make our blog take off. You are off to the races – the writing part is done, the picture part is done and all you need to do now is load her in and wait for the adulation of all you many blog friends who find you the most witty and erudite person an all of 360°.

Take a break – get away from that keyboard before your arse falls asleep. If you are at work, get that 4th cuppa coffee after you make that all important pit stop. If you are at home, get that load of laundry in the damn washer, clean up the morning dishes and let the dog out. Now that you have blogged for the day, you are off the hook. All you really need to do on line for the rest of the day is read other blogs, make comments, maybe change your theme a few times to make you feel good. Ohh, if you are working at a paying job it would be prudent to actually get some (work) done.

What else is important to know about blogging on 360°? Please do not take yourself too seriously. If you do, you will spend more time in a state of apprehended suspension than actually living and we are here to live. In the grand scheme, 360° is merely a diversion, entertainment, self-talk to the wind and a new fangled way to get to know interesting people without having them come into our home, eating and drinking our stuff or worse, smoking and stinking up the place. Relax and have fun. Blog about what you find interesting. If others are moved to comment, that is a bonus. Blog is a self chronicle that can and will take you many places. Remain positive and sure that there are more good people out there than bad. The choices are in your hands.

There are rules to consider, well maybe not so much rules as common sense etiquette of the whole thing, just so you don’t alienate people. The friendship bracelets are passé and a no-no. Group messages about your latest blog are for twits, dissing others or making a blog that says unkind things about a fellow blogger is tacky and shows those who DO see it that you are an ignorant fool. Dirty laundry is not for 360°. If you do have an issue with another blogger bout somethang or tother, do it in private or not at all. Remember mud thrown is ground lost.

As I am writing this in my word document, of course, I am also thinking what song I will feel is appropriate to match this masterpiece of literary drivel. Humm… a Weird Al song may prove best here.. but I won’t know till I start surfing around Imeem to find one. Remember, I laugh at myself all the time - listen to this song today and ponder your arm pits.

Bloggers on Blogging -- Dana

Dana writes

I started my blog on Yahoo 360 back in August of 2005. It started out as a private online journal and then I invited about 13 people from my address book. Most i knew from real life and a couple from the internet.

Once in awhile they would comment but not always so I never really knew if they read it. it went like that for 5 months. I was a lot more political back then and poetic. A compassionate conservative, if you must...haha NOT! Well, it is no secret I am to the right but I dance in the left when i feel the need to and it is often since I made the switch back in '02. I don't regret making the switch YET, but sides piss me off so much that I am seriously thinking Independent....if only that meant more to me than...."I really don't have an opinion...I want to walk in the middle." And you know what they say about walking in the middle?
"You get squished! Justa Lika grape." Miyagi-The Karate Kid, circa 1984 0r 85.
Anyway so yeah I am a repub but I speak my mind about the current idiot a slight majority of idiots voted in.
Note- I did not vote for him....and that will get me through the pearly gates.
Anyway before I go off on a spout like Sister Daisy does about Walmart, let me get back to blogging.
When I officially started lurking 360 and other people's blogs or as I call them OPB (yeah you know me) it was about Januuary of 06...and I was amazed that I could sit in my basement apartment in Nebraskee and read the thoughts of a single mother of two wild teen age girls in Washington, a wild in the closet to his family but out of the closet on his blog drama queen from Nashville, a nerdy Walmart hater that switched from the right to the left in the south, a cultured gay guy in NYC with wonderful snaps from a city I have yet to see, a silly lady from Down Under, an American married to a Belgian living in France, a mysteryman in the Chicago area, and on and on. I mean my world was endless in that basement apartment.
I was addicted right off the bat! I burnt a couple of dinners over 360. I loved it. I started blogging for them. Jokes I think they would like or silly things that happened to me that day. Soon I was participating in blogwide challenges and events.

Then my computer crashed.


And I realized how addicted I was.
I swore to never burn another dinner.
To stop letting my kids fall asleep at me feet....ha! Just teasing.
Anyway...I still blogged from the library. I still blogged when i was connected again.
I just tried hard to get back to what it was in the beginning. Blogging from the heart. Writing from the heart.

Then on one important piece in the history of my people, i was attacked. I know this is so dead and gone and we all know it was done for attention. I am SO over it, and am only bringing it up as a tip to new bloggers.
I was attacked and many friends, wonderful friends rallied around me to suppost me. But I was devastated, like that time in 7th grade when I started a fundraiser as a class report for the famine in Ethiopia and these mean boys told me mean Ethiopian jokes at recess. I couldn't stop crying. I am that way, i have a lot of passion in me when I believe in something. And I am very sensitive. Anyway my teacher let me lay down till i gained my composure and ranted those boys out in front of the class for their insensitivity.
That si how I felt....hurt. how could one of my readers whom I respected say such mean things about the past of my people, that was never really brought to attention in history anyway? I was pissed, i ranted, I wrote mean blogs about him. I stooped to his level.
Then I forgave him. And we talk, but we are not "blog friends" like we was. i left my blog in Yahoo 360 this year. I had to be weened but I left. Too much drama and cliques. I still read people I love to read from there. Or those that allow me to, and I do miss it. But there are many more things I don't miss than I do.
I now blog seriously on Blogger...yeah it is not 360. But I love it here. I can write without the drama of a thousand people jumping on any bandwagon if drama happens. And so far it has been drama free.
My advice to new bloggers?
-Avoid drama.
-Write from the heart.
B-e honest with what you write because of all know if it isn't.
-Most importantly-write for you, first and foremost.

And if people don't like that?
Fuck 'em.
After all, you are writing for you. Right? Write.

PS- And if your bloggy has speelcheck....USE IT! I obviously am that lazy that I dont.

PPS_ Obviously HBO did not feel that the important piece of history I was attacked for on 360 was stupid and forgetful...check it out on HBO on May 27th, ...Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Blog help sites

Places and sites too dress up your page

Some of these you may have too become a member

Pimp my year book
Clock for your blog

Glittery Images myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics

Backgrounds and Textures
Free Web Hit Counter Free Web Hit Counter
File Hosting (for blast mp3’s)
Flash Games MySpace Games
Karaoke player
Flickr Flickr logo. If you click it, you'll go home
Buddy Mapping – Google image map

As it says .... 360 Themes, all in Vietnamese but the Themes are great!

Download free themes for your 360

360º Groups that specialize in Help,

Technical questions, Themes and Finding Friends

360º Custom
Themes group

360º Friends

360º Help

360º Forum

Blog Magic


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The Giant Blogging Terms Glossary

The Giant Blogging Terms Glossary
click heading too go too original post


  • Weblog- An online dated diary listing your periodic thoughts on a specific topic,
  • often in reverse chronological order.
  • Blog - short form for weblog
  • Blogging - the act of posting on blogs
  • Blogger - a person who blogs
  • Blogosphere - The internet blogging community


  • Photoblogging - a blog predominantly using and focusing on photographs and images. Photoblogs are created by photobloggers
  • Podcasting - a method of distributing multimedia files (audio / videos) online using feeds for playback on mobile devices and personal computers. Podcasts are created by podcasters.
  • Autocasting - is an automated form of podcasting
  • Blogcasting - the blog and the podcast merged into a single website.
  • Vlogging - Also called video blogging. Shortened to vlog. Posted by vlogger. A variant on the blogging using video instead of text.
  • Audioblogging - Also called audioblog, MP3 blog or musicblogs. a variant on the blogging using audio instead of text. Created by audioblogger.
  • Moblogging - Also called moblogs. A blog posted and maintained via mobile phone. Moblogs are created by mobloggers.


  • Index page - the front page fo the blog
  • Header - the topmost part of the blog usually listing the blog title.
  • Footer - the most bottom part of the blog usually listing navigation and copyright statements
  • Sidebar - One or more columns along one or both sides of most blogs main page
  • Categories - A collection of topic specific posts
  • Post, Entry- individual articles that make up a blog
  • Comments - enabling readers to leave their remarks
  • Captcha - short for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”. Those word and letter verification images you need to type in to show you are human and not a bot. Helful to block automated spam comments. more
  • Ping - Short for Packet Internet Grouper. Blog and ping helps to notify other blog tracking tools for updates, changes and trackbacks.
  • Trackback - A system by which a ping is sent to another blog to notify that their article has been mentioned by you
  • Pingback - See trackback.
  • Permalink - A link to a specific article
  • Tags - labelling / attaching keywords to collect similar posts
  • Tag cloud - Displaying tags lists or keywords in a blog.
  • Blogroll - list of links to other blogs in your sidebar. Also see
  • Sideblog - A smaller blog usually placed in the sidebar of a blog.
  • Template - the blog presentation design
  • BlogThis - a function allows a blogger to blog the entry they a reading
  • Plugins - Small files that add improved functionality and new features. Wordpress plugins can greatly improve your blog usage and interactivity
  • Dashboard - When you login to your blogging account, it is the first screen with all controls, tools and functions.
  • Archives - a collection of all your posts on one page. Can be categorized by month etc.
  • Expandable post summaries - show a small teaser part of the post on the index page that link to the full post. more
  • Jump - the continuation of a the story on another page to preserve space on index page.
  • FTP - short for file transfer protocol. Transferring file to and fro from your web host using FTP tools like Filezilla


  • Web Feed - allows online users to subscribe to websites that change or add content regularly.
  • RSS - a family of web feed formats used for Web syndication. Short form for Really Simple Syndication (RSS 2.0), Rich Site Summary (RSS 0.91, RSS 1.0), RDF Site Summary (RSS 0.9 and 1.0). Wordpress generates RSS 2.0
  • XML - short for eXtensible Markup Language. a general-purpose markup language for syndication formats used on blogs.
  • RDF - short for Resource Description Framework. A web content syndication format.
  • Atom - another specific web feed format. Blogger feeds are usually of this type.
  • OPML - short for Outline Processor Markup Language. It is an XML format for outlines. Easily import and export multiple blog subscriptions between different rss aggregators.
  • Photofeed- a web feed with image enclosures.


  • Blogger - a free blogging platform by Google.
  • Blogspot - free Blogger hosting blog at
  • LiveJournal - free blogging tool by SixApart
  • Movable Type - paid blogging tool by SixApart
  • Typepad - paid blogging tool by SixApart
  • Free. Easy to Upload, customize and upgrade.
  • - A Wordpress blog hosted free for you.
  • Radio Userland - another blog publishing software package


  • Group blog- with multiple contributing bloggers.
  • Event blog - focussed on an event
  • Kittyblogger - writing about cats.
  • Celeblog - focused on a celebrity.
  • Celebriblog - maintained by a celebrity.
  • Clog Blog - written in Dutch and/or in Holland.
  • CEOBlog - run by a chief executive officer.
  • Plog - a project blog. Also for personalised weblogs
  • Movlogs - mobile video blogs.
  • Splog- a spam blog
  • Tech blog - focused on a technical subject.
  • Anonoblog - by an anonymous blogger
  • Linguablog - about linguistics, translation etc.
  • Metablog - a blog about blogging.
  • Milblog - a military blog.
  • Blawg - blogged by lawyer / related to legal stuff
  • Edu-blog - education oriented blog.
  • Progblog - A progressive blog.
  • Shocklog - provokes discussion by posting shocking content
  • Klog - used by company knowledge workers. by Kloggers
  • Blogsite - A web site that combines blog feeds from a number of different sources
  • Dark Blog- A non-public blog
  • Photocast- a photoblog that automatically updates when new photos are added.


  • Metablogging - writing articles about blogging
  • Blogstipation - writer’s block for bloggers. Cant think of what to blog about?
  • Blogathy - I do not want to post today and I do not care about it
  • Blogopotamus - A long long blog post
  • Blogorrhea - unusually high output of articles
  • Bleg - To use one’s blog to beg for assistance etc.
  • Hitnosis - Refreshing your browser repeatedly to see if your hit counter or comments have increased
  • GAD - Google Adsense Disorder. Repeatedly checking your adsense earnings. more
  • Blego - Blog+Ego. Measuring blogger worth
  • Blog hopping - jumping from one blog to another
  • Blogroach - A commenter who rudely disagrees with posted content
  • Blogoholic - addicted to blogging
  • Blogorific = blogtastic - something which a blogger says is terrific
  • Blogsit - maintaining a blog while the primary blogger is on leave
  • Blogvertising - Also called blogvert. Advertising on a blog.
  • Blurker - a blog reader not posting comments, just lurking around quietly.
  • Blogathon - update your website every 30 minutes for 24 hours straight. Maybe collect sponsorships. more
  • Blogiversary - your blog birthday
  • Blog Carnival - Links to other articles covering a specific topic.
  • Multiblog - running multiple blogs
  • Blog Tipping - Compliment 3 blogs on day 1 of every month. more
  • Blogger bash - a blogger party
  • Commenter - someone who leaves remarks / comments
  • Reciprocal Links - called link love. You link to my blog, I link to yours. To improve search engine rankings.
  • Linkbaiting - a habit of writing good content with the sole purpose of getting it linked from multiple sites.
  • Blogstorm - a large amount of blogosphere activity due to particular controversy. Also called Blog Swarm.
  • Blogsnob - refusing to respond to blog comments from “not-friends”.
  • Doppelblogger - plagiarize the content of another blogger. To Doppelblog.
  • Blogophobia - Fear of blogs and blogging.
  • Bloggerel - the same opinion posted repeatedly on a blog


  • Problogger - professional blogger
  • Blognoscenti - especially knowledgable bloggers
  • Blogebrity - a famous blogger.
  • Blogerati - the blogosphere intelligentsia.
  • Commentariat - The community of those leaving comments.
  • Dooced - lost a job because of blog entries. To Dooce.
  • Blogther - a fellow blogger.
  • A-List- the top bloggers who influence the blogosphere.
  • Blogstar- blogger running a popular blog


  • Bloggies- Annual blogging awards. more
  • MSM - Mainstream Media, or old media like newspapers etc.
  • BSM - Blogstream media. from most heavily trafficked blogs.
  • Blog Day - 31 August. Find 5 new Blogs that you find interesting and tell them. more
  • Blaudience - your blog audience.
  • Blargon - Also called Blogssary. Blogging slang and glossary. What I am telling you now.
  • Blogiversary - your blog birthday
  • Blogiverse - see blogosphere
  • XFN - short for XHTML Friends Network. Is a simple way to represent human relationships using hyperlinks.
  • Blogonomics - blogging conference on a Blog Cruise in 2006. more
  • EFF - short for Electronic Frontier Foundation. A nonprofit group working to protect blogger rights.
  • Blog of Note - a recommended blog. more
  • Navbar - a navigation bar usually seen on top of Blogger blogspot hosted blogs. more
  • Blook - a book created from a blog. more
  • Hat Tip- acknowledgement of the source that tipped you the news.
  • Spomments- Spam comments
  • Blammer- Blog spammer
  • SOB- acronym for Successful and Outstanding Blogger. From
  • Blogiday- you get fed up and take a holiday from blogging


  • Bloglines, Rojo, Newsgator, Kinja, - are News Aggregators that display content from syndicated Web content from web feed. Can be configured online or downloaded on your desktop. Like . Also called RSS readers, feed readers, feed aggregators or news readers
  • Pageflakes, Newsvine - Track multiple feeds on a single page by modules.
  • Odeo, Podnova - are Podcatchers, a form of aggregator used to automatically download podcasts and can sometimes transfer a portable media player. Like
  • Feedburner - a professional feed management system
  • Pingomatic, Pingoat - ping multiple blog tracking services. More
  • Feedblitz, Zokooda - Email subscriptions and newletter tools.
  • Technorati - a real-time search engine that keeps track of what is going on in the blogosphere
  • b5media, 9rules - examples of popular blogging networks. Collection of blogs and bloggers providing great content, with revenue sharing sometimes.
  • K2, Blix - names of some popular wordpress themes.
  • Blogexplosion, Blogclicker- popular blog traffic generation / exchange services.
  • Adsense, Adbrite, CJ, Chitka, Blogads - popular affiliate programs to generate money from your blogs.
  • Sphere, Icerocket - blog search engines
  • Live Bookmarks - a firefox web browser feature. Update themselves automatically with the latest content from the Web.
  • Creative Commons - licenses provide a flexible range of protections and freedoms for authors to offer a voluntary “some rights reserved” approach.
  • CoComment - Tracks your comments across different platforms and follow conversations
  • WBloggar, Ecto, Qumanna - desktop blog publishing tools
  • Mint, Mybloglog, Measuremap, Analytics - site traffic tracking tools.
  • Haloscan- free trackback service
  • YouTube, Rapidshare- puts video on your blog
  • Flickr, Imageshack - photo sharing service. Host images on your blog
  •, furl, spurl - share social bookmarks.
  • Blogburst - Syndicating your feed to top publishers.
  • Bloggeropoly - professional blogger recruiting agency. more
  • Blogger code - a way to describe different types of bloggers. more
  • Bloggoggle - Directory of Blogging Professionals
  • BlogHer - where the women bloggers are. At


  • Digged - link posted on driving huge traffic to your blog
  • Slashdotted - link posted on driving huge traffic to your blog. more
  • Instalanche - link posted on driving huge traffic to your blog
  • Farked - link posted on driving huge traffic to your blog
  • Boing Boinged - link posted on driving huge traffic to your blog


  • Ajax - acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. creates interactive web applications.
  • Greasemonkey - a firefox web browser extension that can alter the functionality of any website using specific scripts.
  • Wiki - a collaborative on-line software that allows readers to add and edit content.
  • SEO - search engine optimization. To improve your search engine rankings.
  • Page Rank - Google measures of importance of a page which reflects in its rankings.
  • CMS - short for Content management system. software used to publish and manage websites.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Signs Of Blogging Addiction

Blogging signs of addiction, blog terms and blog title hints

Signs Of Blogging Addiction

From the Bloggers Anon “fess up” post
Compiled by Dana and the members of the Bloggers Anonymous 360º page

I know the numbers don’t match up …. Why? Because they don’t!

Denial is the first sign
Number 2 getting up earlier to catch friends in a different time zone
Number 3 dreamin of Blog friends
Number 4 Putting Blogging ahead of the job
Number 5 ignoring a call to eat food and it is getting cold and I never miss a meal.
Number 6 kids calling you on your addiction
Number 7 burning meals
Number 8 doing a happy dance for comments
Number 9 Ignoring real life friends
Number 10 you forget all about your favourite shows that you used to watch because you are Blogging
Number 12 sign of addiction Unpaid time at work
Number 13 getting mad because you are not one of the first commenters
Number 18 the purchase of a cell phone to Blog.
Number 19 when you pick foods that can’t mess with the keyboard
Number 20 Court Orders
Number 21 sign of addiction harassment are the and
Number 22.Intentionally misspell to move onto other Blogs at a speed faster than light
Number 29 hijacking a stranger’s computer to check in on 360
Number 30 your frequent mass comments.
Number 32. Traveling via your 360 friends list
Number 41. someone else tells you that you are a blogaholic
Number 45. running all the hot water out of your shower without showering
Number48. ‘Jamas all day
Number61. procrastinating cleaning your garage
Number72. when you start betting Blog backgrounds and themes
Number89. you hate an inanimate object (Blogs don’t have guts) The next bad sign was taking photos exclusively to post in my Blogs brush my hair without ever leaving 360!
Number102. sign of addiction patting others down in Blogs is highly Eye legal and also the
Number175. when you call it the weekend and its Monday
Number 200. when you say g’night and come back just once more to check what’s been posted since lol G’night all
Number 250. You have more than one 360 Blog and more Blogs on other sites
Number 360. Compiling this list

Click too go too the BA 360 page

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Blogging a 12 step program

Blogging a 12 step program

Originally posted my Myk


1. Blog 12 step program

2. Post on your blog; put the link to your blog post in the comments section for this post
Bloggers Anonymous a 12 step program

These are Myk’s 12 steps

  1. To admit I have a "f**king" Blogging problem
  2. Blogging is really 1's and 0's nothing else
  3. 360 comments are the fabrics of truth in life
  4. make a decision saying I cant get off my ass to stop Blogging
  5. will make an inventory of all my blog friends to see if they need help too
  6. admitting to 360 Techies I am wrong and they know more then me
  7. I am ready to face the real world instead of living on “drama” land
  8. fresh air is better then recycled air
  9. ask the techies to remove my ADSL or cable modem lines
  10. will apologize to all my real friends for replacing them with virtual friends
  11. Realizing there are other outlets of communications in life
  12. Have faith that my family will remember my face

Entries already posted

Heaven Leigh
Kevin (friends only)

Monday, October 1, 2007

What is a blog ?

What is a blog ?

What’s the best way to blog?

Why do you blog?

How many entries are too many?

How do I get readers?

At Bloggers Anonymous we get a lot of questions asked along those lines

This is part of a blog entry I wrote last year original post here

What is a Blog?

There are many definitions

“A Weblog or blog is a web-based publication of periodic articles
(posts), which in the case of Yahoo! 360, may contain written
material, links or photos” –Mister E

“An online journal or diary”- unwriter

But of course I like mine

A blog is a place where you can write about what ever you want, put pictures of your grandkids tell others what you are doing share your thoughts on the news, the weather, basically whatever you feel the need to share with others

The word Blog is biography shortened it’s YOUR story written by you

We all in some way sometime or another feel the need to write what we are feeling about something whether we agree with it, disagree or we just want to tell others about something we have found, the blog is the new publication the new age diary, remember the diary written by the young Jewish girl trapped in the cellar in Nazi Germany?

A Blog is the same thing, she had pencil and paper we have a computer keyboard.

Maybe or maybe not your story might get seen by hundreds of people and like her you won’t get any rewards (Anne Frank never saw her words in print, her diary found after the holocaust) but like her you write for your sake not for the future enjoyment of others you can rant and rave all you want because it is your Blog your space your diary and even if some might get offended by what you write it is your little bit to do with what you want (within Yahoo guidelines of course)

Obviously the intimate details of your sex life or your fantasy sex life will offend some people and does go against Yahoo’s Terms of Service so I would keep that to your self you can still write about it, you can write about anything you want on your own computer on Word, send it into a magazine like Cosmo or another publication

You never know they might even pay you

So that’s my answer on what is a blog and as some of you have done your 12 steps, not all but hey that doesn’t matter it’s not like we are giving out grades or anything

I’ll ask you a question

Why do you blog?