Sunday, January 28, 2007

Tip for today .. January 28, 2007

Bloggers Anon

On Blogging

Someone asked me the other day “how do you get so many readers and all those comments?”

Well that’s easy we pay them …. No not really we threaten them with frying pans … no we don’t do that either

Its interactivity, the art of conversation. See its not just one person posting a blog and then others reading it its not that at all, you have too answer. It doesn’t matter who answers can be another person but if you can get a discussion going you can and will get lots of comments

Post a blog with a question at the end ask people what they think about the subject and answer them

What can I do about…

How can I…

What do you think…

I’ve seen blog posts that are a single dot get over 150+ comments; seen long well written posts that make you think get very few, why did the single dot get hundreds? Because the person who posted it carried on the conversation in the comments section most of that 150+ where actually theirs

We talked about the lurker the other day, well even the lurker can’t resist answering a question and they are intrigued by the post with lots of comments.

The other ways too get people reading are

Time and subject matter

Timing counts big time, its no good posting a blog at 11.30pm on a Sunday evening not many awake at that time, unless you are on the other side of the world (Hello America when you wake up)

Friday nights and Wednesday mornings (US time) are the best times too post if you want people too see straight away of course you can always blast your post later, not straight away though as your blast will cover your post on Home

The subject that you write about matters too especially if it’s already been done most memes or “cheeze” have already been done, most readers want too know about you, what you had for dinner, how are the kids, what the dog is doing and they want you too write it, doesn’t matter if you can’t spell your readers want you, not some copy pasted check box meme from another site and if you have copied it chances are someone’s already read it

Note on copy pasting: If you copy from another 360º page it may just run your posts into one another, its extra html code hidden on the page. Do not copy entire blog posts or web pages, your 360º blog will go all weird looking

Today’s Blogging tips are

Ask a question

Write it yourself

Post at a time when people are awake

Do you have any more tips too give people?

Friday, January 26, 2007

Susan writes about tin foil caps and bloggers block .. for January 26, 2007

Susan wrote this post for Bloggers Anon, right here in the comments section, now that's what you call a blomment


You want me to write your next blog? Gee wiz I don't know, I tend to suffer alot from writers block you know, that thing when you get in front of the computer and you put your fingers on the keyboard but then your mind just goes completely blank. ya. That't be me. I never EVER know what to write about. I mean really I go the whole day with ideas and whatnot going on in my head you know, all those voices in a big discussion going on in my head telling me hey Sue do this then the other more dominant voice says hey Sue don't listen to her listen to me...I get so confused but then pull out my post it notes and start jotting down things I can blog about but. ... sigh... the moment I sit in front of the computer it's all gone. The voices stop and its like the party is so over dude I just feel lost and alone like someone turned the lights out. *sniff sniff* *begins to cry uncontrollably on Dana's shoulder* it just gets too much to deal with when everyone abandons you like that all at once...makes me feel so rejected.
Even when I take OFF this tinfoil cap that makes me look like Magnito from the XMen I still don't hear the voices. So then I sit there staring aimlessly at the screen with my fingers resting on the keyboard...but my keyboard ain't like yours though, it don't have the blog key where I can just press the key and ta da the blog is done for me...heck naw, I got the old school type of keyboard with alphabets and some F keys *giggles through my tears* no I don't mean F as in the bad word...I mean it must be short for Feature, or Function or Friend! Hey!! You mean if I press the F1 key on my keyboard maybe I will get one friend! hear that? The voices in my head are laughing at me... no wait a minute...that's not coming from my head! *looks around the room* WHAT? WHY'S EVERYONE STARING AT ME? AND LAUGHING!!? *smiles at you all* What's the joke? Come on I wanna laugh too... tell me the joke you're all laughing at!!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Stand up be praised ..... January 25, 2007

Thank you for stopping by today. We here at the Bloggers Anon blog want you to feel at home here.

We have been noticing something lately that just isn’t right. It’s just plain wrong.

People are starting to CUT people off their list for lack of commenting? And threatening them to boot?
Now a blog is for one and for all to come and feel the love, share the blog love.
We here at the BA blog don’t care if you don’t comment, we LOVE you man! If you lurk, lurk and be proud.
Most of the time you don’t comment…we still love you.
Now here is our challenge to you. Show the world who you are!
Show your “lurkin” pride.
Stand UP AND BE RECOGNIZED in the name of blogging!
Yes, I see you!


Stand up and declare your love for blogging!
We here at BA love you.
Feel the love!
Give yourself a hand….stand up, stomp your foot, light a match and declare
Shout it from the rooftops
“I am a Lurker and I love it!”
I see you in the back …looking all pretty in pink, what your name?


This entry composed by Dana

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Ask away .....January 20, 2007

Ask Bloggers Anon a question

Now you are thinking Yes! Ask BA a question “I’m going to think up a really difficult question for the moderators”

Well we aren’t going too answer (we might though) the next person too comment is going too answer your question

I know some of you are Y Answers addicts as well BA is too . So I’m sure some of you can come up with some really great Questions and some really silly answers that don’t make any sense

So someone might ask “What’s a piecost” the next person answers “about $2.50” and they ask a question like “How many wildebeest can you fit in a barrel of treacle”

Please no naughty stuff keep it PG
Yes you can ask a serious technical question there are a few nerds here who may even give you a non-silly answer

Remember though ask a silly question you will get a silly answer and that will make you laugh, nothing better than a good laugh and that’s the whole idea here too have fun

Ok then first question

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Bloggers Anon Mission Statement and PERKS! Dana

Mission Statement

We here at Bloggers Anonymous would like to make your blogging addiction the most comforting and enjoyable experience of your blog life. All members are 100% addicted, high in caffeine, and blog calories. If you do not enjoy or benefit from your membership with Bloggers Anonymous, please feel free to…umm…blog it.

This is a PSA to all of our members:

First of all if you are a member, we would like to thank you for joining the Bloggers Anonymous Group and Blog. If you are not a member we would like to pimp….*Red slaps on back* AHEM….promote our blog/group to you, so that you may enjoy all the benefits of our Bloggers Anonymous group/blog. We are here to help, hey if you forgot dinner for the family…we have been there. You missed a flight because you were blogging, yes a couple have been there too. You blog from work, yes many have been there. We recognize that there are other places to go for help with this addiction. We here at the BA blog will not try and force you to join here, but we will let you know the benefits and perks of being a BA member.

For our free membership (with some requirements) you can freely enjoy:

Countless hours of fun.

Meeting people worldwide

Carpal Tunnel

Free T shirts-One size fits all. (available at the BA Group gift store along with our other items)

Our keyboard rocks!

Along with being a privileged member of this blog friends list, you will be blogging alongside some legendary Y 360 Celeb's and Z lister's. We won’t name names, but yeah, you get the picture. (It should be noted, that for their sakes you should not blog about who is a member here….awww who we kidding! BLOG IT!)

Free towels to wipe off the Myspace, right you know who you are?

A totally huggable Mascot.image

Assistance in your blogging needs and addictions.

Understanding this addiction, by all members, moderators, and mascots.

We DO NOT discriminate; we take smokers and non smokers alike.

Unlike other blogging addiction spots…we have great coffee and doughnuts that are free. And whatever you can sneak in the door.

So just FYI, we here at the B.A. blog appreciate every one of our members, promise a testimonial, expect one in return, and remember, so what if your addicted…WE LOVE YOU MAN!

SUPPORT YOUR BLOGGERS ANON TODAY AND SPORT THE T-SHIRT! Note: T-Shirts are available in the photo's section of the Bloggers Anonymous Group

(This infomercial has been brought to you by the Bloggers Anon group, a tax-free, non profit, and low carb group.)

Thank you for visiting BA today!

These not for profit items can be obtained by right clicking them and saving, what you think we would charge you?
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