Friday, October 5, 2007

Signs Of Blogging Addiction

Blogging signs of addiction, blog terms and blog title hints

Signs Of Blogging Addiction

From the Bloggers Anon “fess up” post
Compiled by Dana and the members of the Bloggers Anonymous 360º page

I know the numbers don’t match up …. Why? Because they don’t!

Denial is the first sign
Number 2 getting up earlier to catch friends in a different time zone
Number 3 dreamin of Blog friends
Number 4 Putting Blogging ahead of the job
Number 5 ignoring a call to eat food and it is getting cold and I never miss a meal.
Number 6 kids calling you on your addiction
Number 7 burning meals
Number 8 doing a happy dance for comments
Number 9 Ignoring real life friends
Number 10 you forget all about your favourite shows that you used to watch because you are Blogging
Number 12 sign of addiction Unpaid time at work
Number 13 getting mad because you are not one of the first commenters
Number 18 the purchase of a cell phone to Blog.
Number 19 when you pick foods that can’t mess with the keyboard
Number 20 Court Orders
Number 21 sign of addiction harassment are the and
Number 22.Intentionally misspell to move onto other Blogs at a speed faster than light
Number 29 hijacking a stranger’s computer to check in on 360
Number 30 your frequent mass comments.
Number 32. Traveling via your 360 friends list
Number 41. someone else tells you that you are a blogaholic
Number 45. running all the hot water out of your shower without showering
Number48. ‘Jamas all day
Number61. procrastinating cleaning your garage
Number72. when you start betting Blog backgrounds and themes
Number89. you hate an inanimate object (Blogs don’t have guts) The next bad sign was taking photos exclusively to post in my Blogs brush my hair without ever leaving 360!
Number102. sign of addiction patting others down in Blogs is highly Eye legal and also the
Number175. when you call it the weekend and its Monday
Number 200. when you say g’night and come back just once more to check what’s been posted since lol G’night all
Number 250. You have more than one 360 Blog and more Blogs on other sites
Number 360. Compiling this list

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