Thursday, October 4, 2007

Blogging a 12 step program

Blogging a 12 step program

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1. Blog 12 step program

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Bloggers Anonymous a 12 step program

These are Myk’s 12 steps

  1. To admit I have a "f**king" Blogging problem
  2. Blogging is really 1's and 0's nothing else
  3. 360 comments are the fabrics of truth in life
  4. make a decision saying I cant get off my ass to stop Blogging
  5. will make an inventory of all my blog friends to see if they need help too
  6. admitting to 360 Techies I am wrong and they know more then me
  7. I am ready to face the real world instead of living on “drama” land
  8. fresh air is better then recycled air
  9. ask the techies to remove my ADSL or cable modem lines
  10. will apologize to all my real friends for replacing them with virtual friends
  11. Realizing there are other outlets of communications in life
  12. Have faith that my family will remember my face

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