Thursday, October 1, 2009

Due to a spammer causing havoc here on BA this entire post from December has had to be re-posted sorry for the inconvenience that this has caused, don't blame us blame the spammer

What you can post

A link to your blog or individual entry on your Multiply page, or Blogger or Wordpress doesn't matter where as long as it's a link to a blog

A link to something you've found that is about blogging

Something you think might interest others about blogging

A funny photo

A Meme to get others interested

A question about blogging

An item for sale or give away in the Market (blogging type things perferably) advertise your blog!

Items on how to blog or how to write

What you can't post
You can't advertise your shop, no advertising of shops is allowed here
You can't advertise any "wares"
You can't post entire blog posts, post the link to YOUR entry instead ..unless it is about blogging

How can you post?
Click the post link at the top of the page choose groups and then choose Bloggers Anonymous