Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bloggers on Blogging - - Anonymous

Anonymous writes ..
Ok you have a blank page
So write something on it you twit don’t just sit there like a moron wondering what the bumpy thing with letters on it in front of you is.
You press down on the bumps and each bump is a letter press enough letters you get words those words form sentences and those sentences are read by others.

That’s called typing when you press down on the thing called a keyboard, it doesn’t matter how slow you form those words either I’m typing this slow because I know you don’t read fast

One handed or both, two fingers or all 10 or 9 however many you have, you sit there in the computer chair and type what ever comes into your head in that compose entry box or on Word it doesn’t matter as long as you do obviously if you type it somewhere other than the compose entry box and you don’t post it no one will read it, so don’t forget you have to actually post it

Type anything an essay a story what you had for dinner in that compose entry box and post it so people can read that’s right you have the hang of it now.

Sometimes you will get answers back on something you have typed someone else who can type a few words like you reads what you wrote and they type what is called a comment, you know how to comment don’t you? You don’t? It’s the same as you typing something on that bumpy thing called a keyboard use the same thing only on someone else’s page first you read what the other person has typed and you use your bumpy thing to type back you can type as much as you want sometimes depending on where you are typing it you can put a smiley face as well, even a picture but we aren’t talking about those at the moment we are talking typing out some words not just one word like pop or first as that’s just a little bit silly unless of course the post you are commenting on wants you to type one word sometimes they do you know.

Of course if you get a comment it is nice to answer that comment you can type they can as well which means you can “speak” to each other, you don’t have to but it is nice if you ask a question to get an answer isn’t it so make sure you do the same for others
Have you got it now?

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