Monday, October 22, 2007

360 Refugees are Welcome

We were such dedicated citizens of Y! 360.
We stood behind them all the way. joining groups in support of them.
We made T shirts proclaiming our addiction to them. sometimes we even had to make little clinics to try and get away from 360. Like rehab...sadly it never worked.
i managed to escape 360 for some time and moved to Blogger. I lasted for a while but 360 would shine in the distance.
So I slowly would sneak back more and more just to see what people were up to.
I would comment here and there. One day I found myself doing a challenge.
Pretty soon, I was blogging full force ahead at the speed of light again.
Then I realized I loved it again.
Then...the inevitable happened.
The 360 product blog pretty much said..."Um thanks but no thanks...we don't care about you bloggers...and you're little groups too!" *evil laugh*
So I took refuge in blogger, well actually I was already here.
But now that my favorite group is also here, I would like to take the time to introduce Bloggers Anon to any new potential members from blogspot or welcome any refugees from 360.
Bloggers Anon is a place where we get together, drink coffe, eat whatever anyone made and talk about our favorite pasttime blogging. If anyone reads this just introduce yourself please?
I will start "My name is Dana, I blog."
*takes sip of coffee*
"I started my blogspot because of drama on 360. Then I went back to 360 because of friends. B-b-b-but 360 don't want me anymore!"
*Anyway, I will be over here in the corner...please carry on..."
*crawls in tent*


Donnak said...

Awww Dana, that's sad. :) Hi, my name is Donna, and I blog.

Leigh Russell said...

Hi Dana, I managed to post the cover design for my new book on my blog and would like to know what you think of it.

Missy A said...

cool the cross post worked
and that Leigh Russell is annoying!!

Dana Dane said...


Jack said...

I managed to do almost 300 blog entries on 360, but I guess that wasn't good enough. Thankfully, I have sites in several different places. They can't ALL go under.

Angelica said...
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gHee said...

hahaha @ missy...good point!

*trying to smile

we're all like scattered around, looking for a good home while yahoo sorts things out.

Barb said...

You know where I am... 360° seems to have been invaded my replicators ( as seen on Stargate)

Leigh Russell said...

Hi Missy A - I'm sorry you didn't like me visiting your blog. I was replying to someone else on your Bloggers Anonymous list but my comment appeared here. I'm not very blogger literate, I'm afraid,so I don't understand how or why - personally I can't see the problem! It's not a private blog, is it? If so, perhaps it needs to be inaccessible to others to stop this happening again. I won't visit you again, as I'm clearly not welcome, but I can't see that my comment was out of order in any way. I'm really a very inoffensive person. You are, sadly, the first unwelcoming blog I've encountered... :(

Leigh Russell said...

Hi Dana, I tried to reply to you, but Miss A visited my blog on your behalf. I don't know how else to reply to your comments on my blog. I hope this isn't deleted as I'd hate you to think I'm ignoring you and not replying...

Missy A said...

Leigh Russell obviously does not know what "out of context" means and that is isn't Dana's blog its Bloggers Anonymous, Dana is a co-author here.
Dana's Blog is called "Finding My Voice"

Santulan said...

that's the truth of our lives!

Sheldon said...

My name is Sheldon and I am quite addicted to blogging. Were I not I sure as hell wouldn't be here at this meeting. the bugs and glitches on 360 have seriously put a damper on my blogging there so here I am. I haven't yet left 360, call me old fashoined, or stubborn, but I will stay there nutil the bitter end. And if their "new product" is cool, the I will be able to say i was there from the beginning. And if it suck, then I can bail on them quickly. Thanx for listening everyone, I'm Sheldon and I am a blogaholic.

venetia ghozlan aka butterflynxile said...

I was a 360 addict. I had written poetry since I could talk but was hesitant, to submit. One day I was in Messenger and wandered over to 360. I started slowly...wrote a few bad poems, got better and started submitting, to magazines. To date, I have 29 poems published. I was happy. I was high on blogging and words...Then 360 started screwing up...*sniffles*

I gave my notice to move to greener pastures, several weeks ago. I knew that 360 was not TRANSITIONING. It was dying. Blogging was a nightmare. Leaving comments was a nightmare. I had friends who's blogs went MIA three months ago and 360 did NOTHING. Yahoo had no interest in fixing 360. I decided to leave.

My warning to the remaining 360ers - If you lose your blogs when Yahoo attempts to migrate you, please remember people advised you to create a duplicate blog elsewhere. Yahoo has decided that they do not have to provide customer service. Your input was not requested. They also knew a year ago, that they were not going to fix 360. Instead we had idiots like Mr Uhhhh aka Darrell patronize us. Well, I went to Multiply. I have a blog here and on Wordpress too.

I am still an addict...I will still blog...somewhere...anywhere...but as for Yahoo? *rolls eyes*

joy said...

I am so confusseled now! I have a blogspot and a multiply and still a 360, but I don't really know where i

Ze Baron said...

Hmm... I left 360, but I'm maintaining my page to see what the UPS will be like. I think I've made a permanent home on Multiply, where I'm the owner of Y!360 Refugees. We have about 1,600 members in our group. I haven't played around much here, though. Have a lot of 360'ers moved here?