Friday, December 21, 2007


I can't spell and you lot aren't blogging enough..seriously
Got Bloggers Anonymous there with 109 members and NO blog links
Seriuosly Bloggers Anonymous is the only group of its kind on Multiply .. its the only alive group of its kind anywhere actually there are only 389 members left in the Y group, and its dead now (was 420 and 3-4 posts every day) so we wait YOU gotta keep blogging
or am I here?
Seriousky !
I know this time of year its difficult ..I'm typing this at 2am but look guys I can't do it all myself I want cheezes on there, I want blog links posted
What do I gotta do run some half assed competition or ask what folks did in the summer holidays...arrgh no thanks
You gotta get over there and start posting on BA