Friday, December 15, 2006

Blocked ?? Try this ... December 14, 2006

Sometimes we get Bloggers block well don’t worry there’s a cure for Bloggers block, a really great title on your blog.

How do you think of a really great title when you have Bloggers block though?

That’s easy ask the member of Bloggers Anonymous

Here are a few great Blog titles that we have found

The 360ยบ writers “why I am the person I am”

Dana “A day in the life of me”

Red7 “Just couldn’t resist this”

Bert “Surprise package”

Lisa “Hard Habit too break”

Help each other out here with a few more, that way if you ever get stumped you know where too come to be unstumped

What would be a great Blog title?

Monday, December 4, 2006

Fess Up2 Dana..December 4, 2006


A Blogaholics Anon meeting is now in session. Since it has been awhile we would like you to
  • Stand up and tell a little about yourself.
  • And the one defining point in your life when you realized you was addicted to Yahoo! 360°.
  • Like for example, you was blogging and forgot to feed your pet ferret (ew.) Or maybe even forgot to feed your family.
Because of the fact that the 360 Blogaholics Anon blog is collaborated, the blog itself will not be confessing. The author of this blog will be confessing in her own blog and from todays location you can figure out who it is...maybe.
Remember these confessions can not be anonymous due to the fact that your name and profile pic will show up next to your comment. Use hell who cares, spill it.