Friday, January 26, 2007

Susan writes about tin foil caps and bloggers block .. for January 26, 2007

Susan wrote this post for Bloggers Anon, right here in the comments section, now that's what you call a blomment


You want me to write your next blog? Gee wiz I don't know, I tend to suffer alot from writers block you know, that thing when you get in front of the computer and you put your fingers on the keyboard but then your mind just goes completely blank. ya. That't be me. I never EVER know what to write about. I mean really I go the whole day with ideas and whatnot going on in my head you know, all those voices in a big discussion going on in my head telling me hey Sue do this then the other more dominant voice says hey Sue don't listen to her listen to me...I get so confused but then pull out my post it notes and start jotting down things I can blog about but. ... sigh... the moment I sit in front of the computer it's all gone. The voices stop and its like the party is so over dude I just feel lost and alone like someone turned the lights out. *sniff sniff* *begins to cry uncontrollably on Dana's shoulder* it just gets too much to deal with when everyone abandons you like that all at once...makes me feel so rejected.
Even when I take OFF this tinfoil cap that makes me look like Magnito from the XMen I still don't hear the voices. So then I sit there staring aimlessly at the screen with my fingers resting on the keyboard...but my keyboard ain't like yours though, it don't have the blog key where I can just press the key and ta da the blog is done for me...heck naw, I got the old school type of keyboard with alphabets and some F keys *giggles through my tears* no I don't mean F as in the bad word...I mean it must be short for Feature, or Function or Friend! Hey!! You mean if I press the F1 key on my keyboard maybe I will get one friend! hear that? The voices in my head are laughing at me... no wait a minute...that's not coming from my head! *looks around the room* WHAT? WHY'S EVERYONE STARING AT ME? AND LAUGHING!!? *smiles at you all* What's the joke? Come on I wanna laugh too... tell me the joke you're all laughing at!!

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