Saturday, January 20, 2007

Ask away .....January 20, 2007

Ask Bloggers Anon a question

Now you are thinking Yes! Ask BA a question “I’m going to think up a really difficult question for the moderators”

Well we aren’t going too answer (we might though) the next person too comment is going too answer your question

I know some of you are Y Answers addicts as well BA is too . So I’m sure some of you can come up with some really great Questions and some really silly answers that don’t make any sense

So someone might ask “What’s a piecost” the next person answers “about $2.50” and they ask a question like “How many wildebeest can you fit in a barrel of treacle”

Please no naughty stuff keep it PG
Yes you can ask a serious technical question there are a few nerds here who may even give you a non-silly answer

Remember though ask a silly question you will get a silly answer and that will make you laugh, nothing better than a good laugh and that’s the whole idea here too have fun

Ok then first question

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