Saturday, January 6, 2007

Bloggers Anon Mission Statement and PERKS! Dana

Mission Statement

We here at Bloggers Anonymous would like to make your blogging addiction the most comforting and enjoyable experience of your blog life. All members are 100% addicted, high in caffeine, and blog calories. If you do not enjoy or benefit from your membership with Bloggers Anonymous, please feel free to…umm…blog it.

This is a PSA to all of our members:

First of all if you are a member, we would like to thank you for joining the Bloggers Anonymous Group and Blog. If you are not a member we would like to pimp….*Red slaps on back* AHEM….promote our blog/group to you, so that you may enjoy all the benefits of our Bloggers Anonymous group/blog. We are here to help, hey if you forgot dinner for the family…we have been there. You missed a flight because you were blogging, yes a couple have been there too. You blog from work, yes many have been there. We recognize that there are other places to go for help with this addiction. We here at the BA blog will not try and force you to join here, but we will let you know the benefits and perks of being a BA member.

For our free membership (with some requirements) you can freely enjoy:

Countless hours of fun.

Meeting people worldwide

Carpal Tunnel

Free T shirts-One size fits all. (available at the BA Group gift store along with our other items)

Our keyboard rocks!

Along with being a privileged member of this blog friends list, you will be blogging alongside some legendary Y 360 Celeb's and Z lister's. We won’t name names, but yeah, you get the picture. (It should be noted, that for their sakes you should not blog about who is a member here….awww who we kidding! BLOG IT!)

Free towels to wipe off the Myspace, right you know who you are?

A totally huggable Mascot.image

Assistance in your blogging needs and addictions.

Understanding this addiction, by all members, moderators, and mascots.

We DO NOT discriminate; we take smokers and non smokers alike.

Unlike other blogging addiction spots…we have great coffee and doughnuts that are free. And whatever you can sneak in the door.

So just FYI, we here at the B.A. blog appreciate every one of our members, promise a testimonial, expect one in return, and remember, so what if your addicted…WE LOVE YOU MAN!

SUPPORT YOUR BLOGGERS ANON TODAY AND SPORT THE T-SHIRT! Note: T-Shirts are available in the photo's section of the Bloggers Anonymous Group

(This infomercial has been brought to you by the Bloggers Anon group, a tax-free, non profit, and low carb group.)

Thank you for visiting BA today!

These not for profit items can be obtained by right clicking them and saving, what you think we would charge you?
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