Sunday, December 14, 2008

Readability and size

One of the most important things for anyone reading your page is readability
If they can't read what you've written they won't read it

Now I've seen a couple pages today (yes I've been looking) that where either blue on a dark background or had a flashing gif background I opened that one and went "OH [swear removed]" and closed the page didn't even bother to really look at what was written
The blue text at least I could highlight it but the flashing background oh boy way too much sorry

Of course size (which does matter) comes into play as well, before I post I allways choose "Normal" from the font size drop down list makes the text a little bigger and easier to read

Yes I could because I use Firefox choose [View > Page style > No Style] or hold down the ctrl key and scroll my mouse wheel so text is bigger and on a plain background but hey lazy person here I like to read things straight up

So if you are a theme designer or you are just starting or maybe you don't know anything about CSS and use Custom Colors or a default background, please make sure that things are easily read
If you have to cross your eyes and squint at your page to read it then chances are others will have too as well so make it easy on everyone remember when you are posting what color your page is it's an easy mistake to make because compose is black on white to make the text colour a dark color by habit .. or even yellowish orange or brown..

You may have to highlight some parts of this so you can read it
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CarolinaDreamz said...

It still amazes me when this happens, to me, because I wonder if the author read it, after it was posted.

When I open a page that is opaque scrolled across a background, made to come forward.. I figure it isn't a blog.. a blogger would want me to read what they had to write.. this is a glorified art-work page, and I'm visiting, at that moment, in time, as its a museum..

and I probably won't go back.

I feel this way about auto start music, too, though.. I was reluctant to keep my auto-start piano on my multiply, when I tested it out.. I ended up keeping it because it didn't blast anyone out and how much time do we really spend, in multiply, on the main page, anyway? (and ppl bitched when I took it down.) But if a blog opens to some blasting music.. it doesn't matter what type.. I love all music.. I usually close the page right away..

I'm just not prepared, when I go to read a blog, to walk into a disco? LOL