Monday, November 17, 2008

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Was watching the TV last night and one of those shows came on where they "do up" the house for a family who is deserving you've seen the kind of show I'm talking about
Anyway this particular one their son had fallen into the pool when he was two years old, he lived but was severely brain damaged this was around three years ago he's now 5 years old, can hardly move, can't talk can't do any of the things a normal 5 year old can, he couldn't even smile when they brought in the Wiggles

Now I'm just thinking here seriously I don't know what I would have done if that had happened to one of my kids it's not a life that I would like them to lead
What this family have done though is set up a foundation for families with seriously disabled children because a lot do end up in homes the family's can't cope, don't think I could have either.
A child's wheelchair and be as much if not more than $5000 for a child with that kind of disability, this foundation helps with things like that and also teaches pool safety.

Be a different story if the child was born like that but wouldn't it be in the back of your mind I wish they had died in the accident because then at least they wouldn't have to live the rest of their life like that
An adult has lived their life a child hasn't but what kind of life is it ?
Someone like Stephen Hawkins who's condition worsens over the years or Christopher Reeves who's accident caused his paralysis but who's brains still function (functioned in Christopher Reeves case) they have money, a lot more than this little boy does maybe he is a genius, maybe he is the next Hawkins

Maybe maybe not who knows but for a child from 2 years old to live their life like that unable to move hardly remembering that they could without the voice synthesisers and the electronic gadgets that a lot of money can buy, this child has to live his whole life without communication what kind of a life is that?

Now I'm not saying everyone who's so disabled should be euthanized can't say that you wouldn't get the Hawkin's of the world if you did that
What I'm saying is it is slightly cruel don't you think not to give him the best kind of gadgets that would help him actually LIVE and communicate with the rest of the world the body might not work but the brain does.

What are your thoughts on this?
Could you cope?
Would you know that your child was desperately trying to communicate with you?
Could you cope financially for the rest of your child's life?
If you have a disabled child, what are your thoughts?

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