Saturday, November 15, 2008

Stolen Meme

Just been back there and pinched well ok borrowed one of Ernies old posts Call Me Ishmael - I Mean, Ernie
and borrowed this (don't click the link unless you do want to be going back there)
So my blog topic of the day is: If you were to write a novel, what would you write about?
actually I wanted that link see if it would work here don't dang it grrr
That link brings up blog compose with the title already there ..which I wanted do do here and can't it won't work so we gotta do this another way bit boring I know.
So I want you to write out your thingy, "If I was to write a novel it would be about..." and then grab it's link and post it here in the links section think you can manage that ?

Don't worry about a tag for it I've not thought of one yet ummm maybe "members memes" ?
Two reasons you post in links, one others get to see your page and two yours will be seperate from everyone elses not here with a hundred other links (yeah I'm kidding about hundreds be lucky if we get one)

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