Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm shocked !!

I'm shocked, stunned mortified even
Just found out that the users coming over from MsN to Multiply don't have blogs, they don't even know what one is some of them .. I was like OMG you don't know what a blog is

this is terrible this is the poor, poor things don't have any idea what a blog is

We shall have to teach them what you can do, what a blog is all about and what blogging is

This by the way is a blog, for those of you from MsN .. this is a blog , on the group here we use it for updates and such and for help with blogging it has an editor as you can see I placed a smiley in and can make text bold and italics do all kinds of things in a Blog.

but you aren't sure what blogging is yet though
Well that's what this group is about ... Blogging

and I'm still quite stunned here

this post was cross posted to the BA (Bloggers Anonymous blog on blog from Multiply

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