Sunday, October 19, 2008

Welcome to those from MsN

Another exodus has arrived, people from MsN this time .. place sure is filling up I can tell you
All of the MsN'ers are members of MsN groups most are still shellshocked over MsN's decision to close groups and of course all are new to Multiply, now remember how it was for us ?
Sat here going OMG how what where why everything is different what do I do help me....
Well it's the same for them
So I would like you all to help them out a little ok and help some of us out too you can join the MsN help group if you would like just to help answer questions maybe you have some yourself about this MsN exodus
Please give a nice welcome to those from MsN and join the MsN help group if you want

oh and I've fixed up the groups theme here as well btw it needed a bit of a re-do

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