Sunday, February 3, 2008

Welcome to Bloggers Anonymous

Greetings, namaste, gutentag

Origionally set up as a Yahoo group, Bloggers Anonymous soon had its own 360 page (now defunct) and a web site (also defunct) but is still going as a Yahoo group
BA of course now blogs on Blogger and on Multiply

Some folks aren't quite sure what BA is all about (I shorten it to BA you type the words Blogggers Anonymous as much as I do you would too)
Well basically its for bloggers ...the addicted ones and for those who don't blog all that much who just want people to read what they do have to say
Or if you want a BA T-shirt we still have some of those left I think ..yeah we do look in the albums on Multiply or on the YGroup , the T-shirts are free so are the donuts and bananas

So what can you do here on BA?
You can post a link to your blog post
You can ask a question about blogging
You can post jokes
You can post funny pictures
You can jump right in and take over if you want ..well only if you are sick of me posting all the time

Remember we aren't anonymous on Multiply but on our Blogger page you can comment anonymously if you want, point is that we don't actually want you to be anonymous and lurk the whole point of BA is to get yourself out there and show the world how addicted you realy are and how well can you blog!
Prove how good you are start posting on BA .... or that wet banana army might start marching
do bananas march?

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