Monday, February 25, 2008

Blog easy some do's and don't's

Just found this on disk (was looking for something else)
Found a pile of other "blog" type things too ..spose I could post them all up in one day won't do that that wouldn't be good would it

These were written up by Marvyn ( re-posted with permission)....

Some Do’s …

Do what is right, not what is easiest
Do learn about other peoples cultures, history and habits before judging
Do ensure both sides have equal say
Do respect differences of opinions
Do listen when others try to explain
Do understand that you can be wrong too
Do try to understand and be appreciative
Do take responsibility for your action or inaction
Do ask questions, but politely
Do remember others have feelings too

Some Don’ts …

Don’t act in anger, take time out
Don’t interrupt when others try to explain
Don’t patronize, show respect
Don’t look down on others, be level
Don’t be judgmental, be fair
Don’t ridicule differing beliefs and Attitudes
Don’t dominate, try to accommodate
Don’t ignore diversity, try to understand it
Don’t be insulting, be appreciative
Don’t divide people, rather, join them together

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