Friday, March 2, 2007

Blog Tile Here ... March 02, 2007

Every entry must have a title
I see a lot of people who just plain old post and the title of the post is the date in fact one person I know just leaves the year no day just the year, every entry is the exact same title!(except for last year of course )
Makes it impossible to know when or where an old post is with just the year
If you notice we leave the date on the entries here but remove the ‘Entry for’ part of the title
We have posted about blog titles before

Here are some of the great titles the members of Bloggers Anonymous came up with
why i love big neddy
good morning from ...
10 Bloggers I Plan To Stalk
Censor this
Random Thoughts
Did you know
Remember when
Hypothetical Question
The Voices Told Me to Write This
What would You do if.........."
Don't click this
Free money
Don't read this
Ya know ya wanna
I Shoulda Known Better
Today's Blah
Good 4 Mondays...
Bump on a.....
Bring Your Own
My Monster Blogster
A.D.B.D.=Attention-Deficit Blog Disorder
Things were going great until.....
Maybe I should have.....

So there you go some great blog title ideas
Next time you post a blog don’t forget the title!
like I almost did and then typed blog tile instead

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