Tuesday, February 20, 2007

You ARE Interesting! ... February 20, 2007


It’s a question we ask ourselves all the time “how do I make my blogs interesting?”

What is interesting though?

What interests one person might not interest another, if you wrote about your devotion to Star Trek I’m sure it would fascinate a Trek fan but a person who is more interested in Get Smart or I Dream of Jeanie would probably not be interested at all

Or you could write about the intricate workings of an internal combustion engine compared to a steam engine, that might interest some people
Maybe write about Tom Cruise, Opra Winfrey or Uriah Heep or ABBA even write about a Stephen King novel you’ve just finished reading
Even what you cooked for dinner and how you cooked it including ingredients I’m sure that would interest some people.
Your poetry, your short stories may bore some to tears or they might pounce on your entry as soon as you post it
Photos of your town may be unexciting to you but will be interesting to other people

See how you make your blog interesting is up to you if you are interested others will be as well you just have to find them
That’s what search is for if I type in
“blog addicts” in search I get over 200 people all of them will mention blog addicts somewhere on their 360° page, the top one is Bloggers Anonymous of course. If I put Star Trek I would get these
The thing is to write about what you want to write, what you are interested in and fill out
your lists with key words with commas,in,between,the,words and people will find you

“Build it and they will come –Field of Dreams”

Or you can find them.

That way you will have people who are interested in what you write because they are as well

The trick to making your posts interesting is not to write what you think people might like but to write about you what YOU like, what YOU do its your blog do it for YOU

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