Sunday, November 5, 2006

Our Mascot .. November 05, 2006

Introducing the Bloggers Anon mascot

Isn't she just the cutest ? Our mascot (who is nameless at the moment) well she does have a name but the mascot doesn't

Mascots like to lurk blogs and mass comment they also write pretty well too which is rather difficult with cute little paws like that
The currently nameless mascot likes to run around saying "this one time at blog camp" a lot

So tonight/this morning whatever time it is .
Two things for you

Name the mascot
finish this sentance ---- > this one time at blog camp .....
(1 rule no naughty stuff I know that makes it difficult but hey this is a PG blog you know)

I'll start
Mascot name- Da bear
This one time at blog camp I got a 7 key from my keyboard stuck on my forehead because I fell asleep at the computer

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