Monday, November 13, 2006

Get a Blog then by Goochie .. November 13, 2006

This comes to you courtesy of Goochie

I think I’ve blogged it

Crikey did you know that every blog has its day because Bloggers give blog I know a Bloggers nightmare what about give me a blog then I did a big blog this morning? Blog off will you .. well get off my blog

Love me love my blog, oh so you are all blogged out

Where the blogging blog am I ? you got a cute blog take me for a ride on your blog oh blog off and get a blog well I got a blog want to stick it in your blog? You are pretty blogged about it I can tell , Have you ever sat on a blog and thought about your blog all day you think I am blogged in the head don’t you and spend my day blogging off taking advantage of my blog and I am a naughty blog but I am a wicked blog sometimes

Stop it then or I am going to tell my blog on you, you bad blog

Oh go on blog off to your blog then and start blogging

Go get a blog into you then

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