Monday, May 28, 2007

Our little group .. May 28, 2007

Our little group .. May 28, 2007 magnify

360 Bloggers Anonymous

When not on 360 do you find yourself thinking about it?
Do you find yourself blogging and surfing on 360 for more than 3 hours?
Has anyone commented (on 360 and off-line) that you blog on 360 too much?
Then it’s time to be honest. You have a 360 addiction
This group is for the 360 addicts who don’t need any more friends, don’t need help, just get very itchy and twitchy when away from 360
Thanks go too Hyiidra,Red7 and Eddo who gave both the ideas and the inspiration to form this group

Need 360 Friends visit
ImageNeed 360 help or advicevisitImage

Note: All members must have a Yahoo 360° page

VisitBloggers Anon the 360 page

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Have visited this page since December 2006

That’s our original group blurb, it won't fit in our group description any more as it exceeds the 2000 character limit that Yahoo Groups allow.
In July Bloggers Anonymous celebrates its birthday; the 360° page that you are reading has its birthday in August.
We would like to think that the group and this 360° page can last that whole year but without the support of members that just cannot be done.
We will be doing a list clean here on this blog page not to worry though it's only those who haven't updated since April, who will be leaving the list here, obviously Bloggers Anonymous is for those with a 360° addiction and as they haven't updated since April they don't have an addiction anymore. This of course will leave room for others.

As a specialty 360° page we do all we can to help in our subject that of course is blogging, Bloggers Anonymous is a specialty page we don’t mind if you have us in favorites we don’t mind if you don’t comment, in fact we don’t really mind if you delete us because as a specialty 360° page we don’t really have time to visit your page anyway, you wouldn’t expect the Yahoo Team 360° page to visit you now would you? Well we really can’t either, sometimes we will though depending on time constraints and if you ask us a question we will try to get to you because we are quite nice people here.

Bloggers Anonymous is a stand alone group it’s not like any other 360º group. Most of our members both in the group and on the 360º page are long time residents of 360º. The 05’ers, been using 360º so long it’s imprinted in their brains. They are true addicts that don’t need friends, help or themes.

Even though we can help you out with technical information on how too use your page we don’t because that not what Bloggers Anonymous does, technical help isn’t fun at all.

We would rather be Blogging.

The group and the Yahoo 360° page basically are a little joke we don't take things seriously here at Bloggers Anonymous because we aren't serious, people we aren't that serious

Please if you have any questions or suggestions (good or bad) for Bloggers Anonymous tell us here have your say help us get to our 1st birthday

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