Sunday, October 8, 2006

Getting to know you .. October 08, 2006

A getting to know you survey

You can fill this out and post here or post on your own blog but don’t forget to come back here and give the link back, you want others to see yours

A big ThankYou goes to Bernadette for the first question and Anni for the idea

Why did you 1st create your Y360? Was it to stay connected to friends? Perhaps it was another way to keep connected to family members? Or you thought you would have a trial run and enjoyed it so much you found yourself addicted

How long have you been using 360?

What do you mainly blog about?

How many posts do you post per day?

How many friends do you have has this total changed over the time?

Are you fussy as to who you do add

What’s you comment average per post (blog posts ÷ amount of comments = average)

Have you ever cracked 50 comments on a post (got the “next” link to appear) in your blog?

Do you comment back to comments made on your blog?

How many comments do you make on other blogs per day?

What’s you favorite thing about 360

What’s your least favorite?

Links too surveys done on other blogs
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